Monday, 27 February 2012

Soooo easy window seat cushion (lazy girl's guide)!!!

OK, numerous times I have told you I am lazy!!!!! I like to find the easy way of doing things. I had just about finished Olivia's new room but there were those few little niggling things that I just needed to get done.

The biggest was the cushion for the window seat..... well as usual, very short of money and time, so couldn't afford to get one custom made and didn't feel like making that whole piped cushion with the long zip down one side plus.... the foam I was quoted $150 just to cut a piece the right size!!!! $150!!!!

So I put it in the too hard basket for a while and then one day wandering through a local charity shop as I delivered a pile of stuff to them, I found single bed foam mattresses (used) for only $15!!! Yes I did unzip the cover and check top see that all was well and no unfortunate stains on the foam!!! All good.

I still did not want to make a proper cushion so I cut the foam to the size of the seat with my trusty electric knife ( yes the same one you carve the Sunday roast with - don't remember where I heard about that one but if you ever need to cut foam, the electric knife is like going through butter).

I then cut a piece of MDF the same size (I always have bits lying around leftover from other jobs), and then simply wrapped my fabric around it and stapled it on!

Make sure you mitre the corners and cut off excess fabric so that it doesn't all bunch up and make it uneven. And...........

How easy was that!!!! And it looks great too, I made sure that I payed attention to the corners on top too so that the fabric was folded and tucked in to form a neat edge.

Finally added a pin board behind her desk which was simply soft board covered in fabric (same technique as per the window seat).

And last!!!!!! Olivia added some holiday craft, the Love letters covered in lovely Japanese papers.

Well until we get the urge to change that is it!

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  1. That cushion looks so good. Her room is too cute.

  2. Oh-It looks great! I have two of these to make before we put our house on the market and I have been dreading doing it and putting it off. This is a great alternative to the whole slipcovering process. xo Diana

    ps...if you haven't yet try to pop by my blog and sign up for the new word giveaway. You will BLOVE doing it! xo Diana

  3. I can't wait to show my sister how easy this is, she has a window seat and has been afraid to tackle the project. Beautiful and an adorable room! Mary

  4. Great job! It really looks nice, I'm going to be copying this idea. All of the other details look so pretty as well!


  5. That is easy and looks fantastic. I am making a window, wall bookshelf with a seat for my daughter over spring break--great inspiration!

  6. Thanks for easy to follow instructions ! Looks great ! My next home project is to make seating out of the brick on my out of use fireplace & I will def refer to this !

  7. Perfection! I have a built in bench seat across our bonus room and the foam prices are crazy-now I know what to be on the lookout for-yours looks amazing! Thanks for sharing-here from Tip Junkie!

  8. From $150 down to $15, now isn’t that the best deal ever? The reason I want a bay window or any large window in my room is actually to have a cushiony window seat. Having that actually close to her desk is a good idea so she can just relax after studying. Great color, by the way. =)

    Ashlee Starns

  9. After looking up the price to have one of these made (!!!!!!!), I did a DIY search and found this. THANK YOU!!!!

  10. I have been wanting to adorn the window seat in my kitchen but I didnt have a clue. Now I have a step by step guide. Thank you for sharing!


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