Thursday, 21 July 2011

I am going to build myself a house one day - American style!

It is going to have shingles and stone and turrets and nooks and crannies and will look like a gingerbread cottage. I have even had this little dolls house that I bought years ago and always had in my bedroom as a reminder of that dream... I finally put it in my daughter's bedroom....

I am drawn to them and now I have saved a whole bunch of them on my Pinterest for you all to share but check out some of my favourites below.

Actually I know that I would have to either win the lottery.... marry a rich man... rob a bank or all three to be able to afford some of these gob smacking homes but  I can dream and maybe use bits of them in my one day home. Though I must say that the maintenance looks pretty high.... but it could be worth it!


  1. Gina, those are some very pretty homes. Maybe some day.

  2. Those are some gorgeous homes! A girl can dream, right? lol

  3. Such beautiful homes and I think you are right...gleaning the ideas and the feel of those homes and adapting it to your own is truly a wonderful way to go! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  4. Gorgeous! Okay, I must buy a power ball ticket now! ;)

    Seriously, I love looking at beautiful homes too and walking away with inspiration for what I love and what can be a "real project" in my own home.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Gina!


  5. WOW, I just came across your blog from Kim...what beautiful taste you have.

  6. Whatever you do, Gina, don't give up on your dream!

    Jan @ BellaCasa


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