Monday, 11 July 2011

50 things before Fifty..... total madness!

OK, this is is crazy to even think cant be done....well there might be a chance... I could at least try!

I read a post recently on a new blog that I came across (well new to me that is!) the very talented Nicole at Making it Lovely did a list of  "30 before thirty", she had a list of things she wanted to complete in the 6 months before she turned 30.... see how she went here.

So this is where my madness started, a little bit like an itch that I couldn't scratch....yep once the idea was in my head, there was no way of getting out of it!!!!! Oh god.... I am a long way from 30 but very close to 50... so I have 10 months to complete my 50 before fifty.

So here goes.... I may not complete all of these things but it wont be from a lack of will, more from a lack of money, especially on some are big ticket numbers but at least I am going to give it a damn good try....

Here is the no particular order

1.   Finish decorating the main bedroom almost....done
2.   Finish painting all inside trim and doors done!
3.   Finish painting exterior windows (there are 6 to go, and all multi-paned)
4.   Help eldest daughter move out to her own place :-)     (she is 23!) done
5.   Move youngest daughter to eldest daughter's bigger room (hopefully after she has moved out!) done

6.   Redecorate that new bedroom for youngest daughter done
7.   Turn youngest daughter's room (now vacated) into my office....yippy! changed my mind now it is a guest bedroom! Done
8.   Finish floor in family room
9.   Build a vegi garden
10. Landscape side garden done
11. Learn how to use my DSLR camera better (well it is actually my son's but he lets me use it)
12. New light fitting for over the dining table
13. Have a holidaydone
14. Build an ensuite (OK this is one of the big ticket items that I want but cant afford)
15. Learn a graphics program ( I was a graphic designer before computers.... I know I am that old)
16. Loose 10 kg (22 lbs) alright I need to loose more but I figure that this is achievable! Done!!! Woohoo going for another 15kgs!!!!!!!!!!
17. Exercise more     started exercising again.... I am actually running....never done that before!!!!
18. Change hair colour done
19. Register new business name
20. Visit the MCA (museum of contempory art - Sydney)   How funny as soon as I wrote this they closed it for a year to renovate it!!!!
21. Research into running a Bed and Breakfast
22. Plant more trees      planted 3 more
23. New fence for backyard
24. Stencil wall in dining room    done
25. Build hall station  done
26. Organise hall cupboard  done
27. Create artwork wall in family room
28. Get a new lap top    done yippee
29. Get an Ipad (just for the fun of it!)  done
30. Get a full health check including a breast screen   done
31. Get my home featured in a home decore magazine (this one might be a stretch) been featured in the local rag!!! Will still try for a decore mag!
32. Do more interior design work
33. Cook healthier food  Yes this goes with the weight loss!!!
34. Cook more food in advance and freeze
35. Reduce spend on credit card   been better lately.... this is up and down
36. Take up tennis again
37. Make a mirror for over the sideboard  bought one and made them for the bedroom instead!!!
38. Practise clipping the dog to look at little less scrappy as in my first attempt  done
39. Go on at least one date ( I have been single for a very long time!)  had 1 date! That one wont be repeated!!!!! But a new one coming up
40. Contact friends more often   definitly getting better
41. Get back into painting (artwork that is!)  Yes have been painting more lately!!!!
42. Crochet blanket for Youngest one   started
43. Learn a new craft
44. Learn MYOB (it is an accounting program)   Learning it the moment - yep now got it down pat!!!
45. Be more organised with my blogging (the office will help)
46. Learn more about HTML
47. Try making a skirt again ( I haven't sewed clothes since the kids were young)
48. Take up pilates again (if I can find a cheap enough class they are sooooo expensive)
49. Contact other Aussie bloggers in decor/craft/design/DIY
50. Plan something special for turning 50!   I have some things in mind for this

Let's see how I go.... please send me your encouragement!


  1. Oh myyyyy - that's one HEAVY list.
    My list looks more like
    1. go on a vacation
    2. eat more chocolate
    3. watch more movies
    4. another dog?
    5. get feathers put into my hair

    You'll get a lot acomplished,
    but I'll have more fun! *smile

  2. You can contact me and give me a boot, then you can tick off number 49 :P

    My list would have to be a 30 before 30 list... and I'll have 3 years and 5 1/2 days to get there... I should probably write one, it could be fun!

  3. That's an impressive list! I'd add a couple of more frivolous items in there too :)

  4. Hi! Here I am again! Yes, VERY impressive! I'd have to do 70 before 70...ACK! NO! I'm only 64! I'm not going to think about 70. I could do a 65 before 65! Hmmmm...thanks for the inspiration!


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